Your Luit to success

Whether you plan to build a website, an app, a game or just want to develop new and fancy shit, I make it easy to reach your goals and fulfill your visions.

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What makes Luit stand out?

With Luit you purchase the ultimate interface between product development, design, software development and marketing. Instead of having experience in only one domain, Luit knows its way around all of them, making it easy to achieve new connections, synergies and opportunities. This makes Luit the perfect guy to manage multiple products and business areas at the same time.

Work smarter, faster, and more in sync with Luit

Thanks to years of experience with cross-continental teams, Luit is the best choice when it comes to effective and efficient coordination and collaboration of international teams and products. Luit also acts as a hub and mediator between different cultures and mentalities, both in business and interpersonal matters.

Your next good idea can come from Luit

With Luit, developing new visions, ideas and products is easier than ever. Not only do you have to have more ideas than others, but you also have to have the ability to decide which of these ideas are good, practical and affordable. Luit keeps both stakeholder requirements and user desires in mind and creates the ideal compromise for all parties.

Team work doesn’t get easier than this

Luit is not only technically skilled, but also an empathetic and attentive teammate. Fun and enjoyment are his top priorities, which is why everything is done to ensure that the working environment and atmosphere are appealing and positive. Team activities outside the company and daily goodies such as fruit, sweets and personalized poems and stories create a generally good mood.

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